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The Stark Reality of the Homelessness Crisis in the Bay Area.

In February 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom dedicated his entire State of the State address to focus on the homelessness crisis. But then the pandemic came, putting pressure on state officials to act more quickly to protect the vulnerable homeless population.

In April, California launched Project Roomkey, a project funded by the CARES Act providing temporary housing for the homeless in hotels and motels across the state. Now California is attempting to build on the success with Project HomeKey which allows counties to acquire and rehabilitate various housing options, such as hotels, motels, vacant apartment buildings, or residential care…

Too often these days I see people claiming patriotism in ways that mean very little.

Things That Patriotism Is NOT.

  • it is NOT measured in the number of American flags you stick in your yard
  • it is NOT a competition of who loves their country more
  • it is NOT being blindly loyal to an entity or party
  • it is NOT simply saying the pledge of allegiance or standing for the national anthem
  • it is NOT ignoring your countries problems because “we’re the best country on Earth”
  • it is NOT a Trump hat

Patriotism is much more than that.

I’m not what people typically think of when they hear the word “veteran”…

The current state of the nation is soul-crushing.

We have a man in the White House who encourages violence if it works in his favor. Someone who does not understand the consequences that his words have on people’s actions and the psyche of America (or either he does not care). Someone who takes no accountability for their personal actions. 190K Americans have died and his response is, it is what it is”.

Tell me, what traits come to mind when you think of the word “leadership”? And not just any leader but a good leader? Usually, people think of…

Have you noticed that more of your friends and family are sharing conspiracy theories lately? Even people that typically are not conspiracy theorists seem to be more open and accepting to theories that are baseless and have no factual evidence. You’re not imagining it. Its estimated that roughly 30% of Americans believe some conspiracy about COVID-19. It may seem harmless to entertain and share posts on social media by reasoning that the theories might have some level of truth in it. Perhaps the post is just entertaining the probability. But conspiracy theories are not harmless and they have a severe…

As COVID19 explodes across the world, flaws and weaknesses in the United States’ systems that have been ignored for far too long are being exposed. The US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world with nearly five million Americans flowing through penal institutions each year. It’s no surprise that local governments are having to make critical choices to reduce the spread of the disease. Hundreds of inmates that are vulnerable, low-risk, or nearing the end of their sentence are being released across the country and Trump has called on federal prisons to consider doing the same. Whether it’s…

Whose opinion is more valid on the issues that society faces? The public or the experts? Should lawmakers and politicians defer to the analysis of the experts or the outcry of the public? And why does this happen?

With the rise of social media, the public (in combination with the news media) has more power than ever to set the agenda. Lawmakers and politicians can be more reactive to what consumes the news feeds rather than proactively setting an agenda based on expert analysis. What issues are most important? What are we morally outraged about today?

For example, single-use plastic…

How I went from being too afraid to walk inside the gym to becoming a gym regular.

Going to the gym becomes 10 times harder if you struggle with social or generalized anxiety. There’s too many people. It’s unfamiliar. You don’t know what you’re doing. You feel judged. It’s all around uncomfortable. You’re not alone. I’m going to give you the tips that helped me overcome my anxiety. I went from being too afraid to walk inside the gym to becoming a gym regular.

First, I want to stress that it takes time so be patient with yourself. It took…

In the US, it seems that most people’s idea of civic engagement is posting political memes on Facebook expressing how incompetent the opposing party is. The scenario goes like this:

  • Trump says something outrageous
  • People post memes on social media
  • Get in debate in comments sections
  • No one’s opinions change
  • Wait for next outrageous incident

But when it comes to taking action and being engaged in the political process, Americans suck. The US ranks near the bottom for voter turnout compared to other developed nations. In 2016’s presidential election, voter turnout was a measly 55.7%.

There are seemingly obvious solutions…

Robyn McCullough

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